5 Things Every Dog Owner Needs

The more dog owners I speak to, the more I find myself recommending these 5 items. I will go into more detail about some of these in future posts. But, for now, he’s a great shopping list (with Amazon links included). Enjoy!

  1. Front Clip Harness
    • Effectively and scientifically manages pulling
    • Will save your dog’s trachea, thyroid, spine, etc.
  2.  Kong
    • Can be stuffed with delicious recipes
    • Provides your dog with enrichment while you’re away or busy
    • Fun, rewarding, and safe
  3.  Puzzles
    • Slows down eating
    • Allows your dog to work for his food
      • Prevents behavior problems from developing out of boredom
    • Provides your dog with enrichment
  4. Treat Pouch
    • Allows you to easily reward all the good stuff your dog does
    • Maintains your dog’s focus on you
    • Makes training easier and less clumsy!
  5. Clicker or cheery, consistent voice marker (yes!)
    • Effectively communicates what your dog does right at the exact moment he does it
    • Keeps training fun and enthusiastic



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